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In collaboration with Salvatore Tarantino and Davide Gabrini who developed the DEFT EXTRA, we are happy to announce that Deft  v4.2 will be released on april 9th.

DEFT Extra is a combination of a GUI and the best freeware Windows Forensics Tools.
Available in two languages (italian and english), DEFT Extra is candidate to become one of the best Windows Forensics tools collection.

DEFT v4.2 is the latest version 4 and will not be release more upgrades except for any critical bugs.
We start to follow the road for DEFT Linux v5.

5 Responses to “DEFT Extra (Windows Forensics GUI 1.0) and DEFT v4.2”

  1. Zdenek says:

    Great ,
    DEFT Extra is possible for download ?


  2. Yes, from the oficial mirrors:

    I will write a review on my blog (http://www.meleagro.es.kz) about the tool.

  3. I don’t found the review in your blog 🙂

  4. awesome tool,thank you and keep up the good work :>


  5. http://www.deftlinux.net is awesome!!! i love it!
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