It’s about time (May 4 2010) for our usual “half year” appointment with the DEFT updated release.
What’s new in DEFT 5.1?
  • Update: Sleuthkit 3.1.1 and Autopsy 2.24
  • Update: Xplico to 0.5.7 (100% support of SIP – RTP codec g711, g729, g722, g723 and g726, SDP and RTCP)
  • Kernel update
  • Dhash report bug fix (reports were not generated)
  • DEFT Extra bug fix (a few applications do not work if the operator clic their icons, added the dd tool for x64 machines)

BTW we are already planning the next major release (DEFT 6.0).

Questions, problems or comments about 5.1 release?

Any suggestions for the next one?

Drop us a line ( info [AT] )!

DEFT team

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