In 2010, when the distribution turns 5 years, Linux DEFT staff decided the goal to be achieved for the next release. This year we are focusing more on functional aspects than on the implementation of new applications. Of course, our team will keep the software developed “in house” updated.
This year, the biggest news about DEFT it’s that it will be based entirely on Lubuntu, thanks to a collaboration with Julien Lavergne, the main developer of the Lubuntu project. Among the innovations we will implement in the next release, I want to remember the integration of many Computer Forensic Windows applications directly in the Linux environment by using Wine and (finally!) the release of official documentation, initially available in two languages, Italian and English, then translated in Portuguese and Spanish.
In these weeks we are also considering releasing an installation utility of DEFT Linux on x86 systems. We’re not 100% sure to release this feature:, we consider it as a “additional value” that could come with the new release.
Here are the main features of Linux DEFT 6 and the road map.


– Based on Lubuntu 10.10 and DEFT Extra 3 (Windows side)
– Linux Kernel 2.6.35
– Dhash 2.0.1
– Xplico DEFT edition
– TSK 3.2 (or the latest stable version at the date of release)
– Autopsy 2.24 (or the latest stable version at the date of release)
– Log2timeline 0.50
– Afflib 3.5.12 (or the latest stable version at the date of release)
– Foremost 1.5.7 with a new extended list of header and footer
– Wine 1.2 for the implementation of tools for Windows-based Computer Forensic
– ClamAV Anti Virus / Malware 0.9.6
– Mount Manager 0.2.6
– TrID 2.0


– Feature freeze – September 2010
– CF tools test – September 2010
– Software developed by the DEFT team test and beta releases – October 2010
– Kernel freeze – October 2010
– Extra DEFT test – October 2010
– Wine tools testing – October 2010
– Documentation (beta) – November 2010
– Beta release – November 2010
– Documentation DEFT stable – December 2, 2010
– DEFT Linux 6 stable – December 5, 2010

If you want to suggest a missing computer forensics software to be included in the DEFT pls drop us a line to info [at]

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