We are happy to announce that today we released the DEFT 7 manual (Italian).
We updated (and expanded) the previous edition and we added a couple of topics:
– Timeline and super timeline;
– Android Forensics.
As soon as possible we will start the translation IT -> EN, which we hope to complete within two months.
Like last year, any volunteers for IT -> EN translation/proofreading may contact us at Sandro AT deftlinux.net.

2 Responses to “DEFT 7 manual ITA”

  1. hamza says:

    English ?

  2. Alfiero Ventura says:

    Braaavissimi ! Ci rendete orgogliosi di essere italiani
    una volta c’era Alfa Romeo, Olivetti etc
    oggi DEFT
    e vi sembra poco

    di nuovo complimenti e buon proseguimento

    alfiero – roma

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