Hi People,
Many of you may have noticed that the deft 7.1 ISO is online since March, 30 without any public announcement. We apologize for that: we were all engaged in the organization of deftcon Conference 2012 held in Turin 2012. It was a great success: over 200 people actively participated to the event!
The new features for deft 7.1 are:

Bug Fix:
Hb4most and xterm’s problem fixed

Updated packages:
guymager 0.6.5-1
iPhone Backup Analyzer 10/2012
Xplico 1.0

Computer Forensics side new tools:

New implementations
After the great work done by Emanuele Gentili and Sandro Rossetti, we are delighted to introduce you the Cyber ​​Intelligence side implementations and we’d like to remember you today there is no other freely distributed system that allows you to perform Intelligence tasks:

– “OSINT Chrome browser”: we customized Chrome with several plugins and resources to perform ‘Open Source Intelligence’ related activities,

Network Information Gathering
– Host
– Nslookup
– Dig
– Nmap
– Zenmap
– Netcat
– Snmpcheck
– Nbtscan
– Cadaver
– Traceroute
– Hping3
– Xprobe
– Scapy
– Netdiscover

Wireless Information Gathering
– Kismet

Web Application Information Gathering
– Whatweb
– Cmsident
– Dirbuster
– Burpsuite
– Customized Chrome Browser (at least 1gb ram required)

Social Information Gathering
– Creepy
– Snmpcheck
– PieSpy
– Irssi

Identity Protection Tools
– TOR-Browser
– Anonymouse (http://anonymouse.org/anonwww.html)

OSINT Global Framework
– Maltego
– Proactive Resources

Please Enjoy DEFT 7.1 at least as much as we love to keep it running! 😀

3 Responses to “DEFT 7.1 ready for download”

  1. Awesome relase: all the things you’ll ever need… and more. 🙂

  2. melloe says:

    Thanks !!!!!!!

  3. I had never heard of this distro. Just found you on Distrowatch. So I just came here. I am going to download it now. Thanks for creating a new tasty linux.


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