Today we are happy to announce the last DEFT release: the 7.2. This is the last 32bit release but we will support bugfix until 2020.
Please note that the next release will be a 64bit system.

What’s new in this release?

Virtual appliance based on Vmware 5 with USB3 support
Kernel 3.0.0-26
Autopsy 3 beta 5 (using Wine – please note that you need minimum 1GB ram)
Log2tmeline 0.65
Guymager 0.6.12-1
Vmfs support
Some mirror fix

Finally we would like to thank Nicodemo, Giada and Neil for taking care of the En translation of the manual.

Download DEFT 7.2 iso
Download DEFT 7.2 Virtual Appliance
Download DEFT English manual

Thank you  for choosing DEFT and enjoy the project!

Stefano Fratepietro
President of DEFT Association and DEFT Project Leader

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