Unfortunately they are forced to postpone the release of deft further 10 days. The core is ready, but the graphics not jet.

Really sorry for this!


3 Responses to “Another delay….!”

  1. Stefano Dalmonte says:

    oh, no!!!
    avevo posticipato un incontro al 5 giugno proprio perché volevo utilizzare la nuova versione!!!!
    Pazienza, ma immagino stiate costruendo una meraviglia!!!

  2. Tester says:

    Please add you can change the location of grub to sda, the iso 7.2 not include and must be done manually.

  3. Stefano Dalmonte says:

    Hi all, any news?

    I refresh the Home Page twicw or three time a day, every single day, but nothing happens…

    When DEFT 8 will be downloadable? Very soon I hope, actually I can’t wait…..

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