Hello guys!

First of all: sorry for the delay! Life is made up of priority and sometimes you have to set aside projects and hobbies for the real life!

By the way… here the new Digital Forensics system optimized for Intel based 64-bit architectures: DEFT Linux 8!

What’s new?

  • 64 bit 3.5.0-30 Gnu Linux Kernel – brought down the limit of 4GB, Now you can use DEFT Linux on systems that have up to 25t6 TB of ram
  • The Sleuthkit 4 (the stable version of DEFT 8 will include The Sleuthkit 4.1) and Autopsy 2 – Ready for Autopsy 3 on Linux (only for Law Enforcement)
  • Digital Forensics Framework 1.3
  • Libewf and AFFlib full support
  • Xmount and Mount Ewf
  • Guymager 0.7.1, Cyclone 0.2 and Esximager
  • Recoll 1.19.5, software for indexing
  • Bulk extractor 1.3.1 with Bulk extractor GUI 1.3
  • Dumpy 0.2, an intelligence parsing tool to extract sensible data from anonymous dump – many thanks to Gianni Amato (guelfoweb) for the exclusive right
  • Skype extractor
  •  Log2timeline 0.65
  • iPBA 2 and Lib iMobile device 1.1.5 (full iOS 6.* support)
  • Fastboot – re-flash Android partition tool
  • Google Chrome Open Source INTelligence browser and TOR
  • Maltego Radium (here there is a problem, we are waiting the Paterva support to fix it, sorry for that)
  • Xplico 1.0.1 and CapAnalysis

Remember that this is a public beta release of DEFT Linux 8. This iso come from 2 months of internal test and fix but please, help us to find bugs and write an e-mail to bug@deftlinux.net if you find something wrong! We hope to release the final iso with DART 2 embedded and the Virtual Applicance by the middle of July.

Download now DEFT Linux 8 beta! md5: 7a7613d4673e949f9871347efab6e15e

DART 2 stable is here!

What’s new?

  • App search engine like Spotlight
  • New audit report engine
  • Run app as Administrator if you need!
  • Go to the path of the app
  • Copy on clipboard the hash of dart.xml

Download now DART 2 stable! md5: 630291049bc52cbd7e5c7e56e669078a

Here the full app list featured in DART 2, in alphabetical order:

7zip, Access PassView, AdapterWatch, Advanced Password Recovery, AlexNolan DriveMan, AlternateStreamView, AppCrashView, ash368 Lime Juicer, ash368 LimeWire Library Parser v4 e v5, ash368 Props, ash368 Thumo, ash368 VW7, AsterWin IE, AviScreen, Belkasoft Ram Capturer 32/64, BFT, BlackBag IOReg Info, BlackBag PMAP Info, BlueScreenView, BluetoothView, Browser History Spy, BrowsingHistoryView, BulletsPassView, CamStudio, ChromeCacheView, ChromeCookiesView, ChromeHistoryView, ChromePass, ClamWin, ConCon Retriever, CurrPorts, CurrProcess, CyberMarshal eMule Reader, CyberMarshal Mac Memory Reader, CyberMarshal Windows Memory Reader, Cygwin coreutils, Database Browser, dcfldd, dcfldd (per Windows), DeepBurner, DevManView, Dialupass, DiskCountersView, DiskSmartView, DNSQuerySniffer, Don’t Sleep, DriveLetterView, eCryptfs Parser (Win e Lin), EMFSpoolViewer, Enterprise Manager PassView, Eraser Portable, ESEDatabaseView, ExifDataView, FastCopy 32/64, FastStone Viewer, FAU x86 e x64, FAU x86/x64, FavoritesView, FileAlyzer 2, FileAlyzer e FoldAlyzer, FirefoxDownloadsView, FlashCookiesView, fmem, FoldersReport, FSV Thumbs Extractor, FTK Imager CLI (Win, Linux, Mac), FTK Imager Lite, Gaijin ConTools, Gaijin Emule MET viewer, Gaijin FileInfo, Gaijin Historian, Gaijin Registry Report, Gaijin Spartacus, Gaijin StreamFinder, Gaijin USB WriteProtector, Gaijin WipeDisk, GMER, GRR client Win32/64 OSX, Gsplit, Harvester, HashMyFiles, HDDRawCopy, HTTPNetworkSniffer, HWiNFO 32 + HWINFO Dos, HxD, ICESword, IE PassView, IECacheView, IECookiesView, IEHistoryView, index.dat Analyzer, InfraRecorder, InsideClipboard, InstalledCodec, Jam-Software Treesize, Jam-Software UltraSearch, JPEGsnoop, JumpListsView, LAN Search Pro 32, LastActivityView, linux_86, LiveContactsView, Lnkexaminer, LSASecretsDump, LSASecretsView, ltfviewer, mac-ir, Mail PassView, Mail-Cure for Outlook Express, Mandiant Heap Inspector 32/64, Mandiant IOC Finder, Mandiant Memoryze, Mandiant Memoryze Mac, md5deep e hashdeep for Windows, md5summer, MDD, MediaPlayerClassic (x86/x64), MessenPass, MetMedic, MIMEView, Mitec Instant Messaging History Browser, Mitec Internet History Browser, Mitec Mail Viewer, MiTec Structured Storage Viewer, Mitec Windows File Analyzer, Mitec Windows Registry Rescue, MouseJiggle, MozillaCacheView, MozillaCookiesView, MozillaHistoryView, MUICacheView, MyEventViewer, MyLastSearch, NetBScanner, NetResView, NetRouteView, NetSetMan, Network Password Recovery, Network Scanner 32, NetworkInterfacesView, NetworkTrafficView, Neuber PC On/Off Time, Neuber Svchost Process Analyzer, Nigilant32, Notepad++ (with ToolBucket, XMLtools, CompareUni, Hexeditor Uni e LightExplorerUni), NTFSLinksView, On-screen keyboard, OpenedFilesView, OperaCacheView, OperaPassView, Orion Browser Dumper, OTFE Volume File Finder, OutlookAddressBookView, OutlookAttachView, OutlookStatView, Password Security Scanner, PasswordFox, PCAnywhere PassView, Photostudio, Phrozen Password Revealer, pre-search, Proc Net Monitor, ProcessActivityView, ProcessThreadsView, ProDiscover Basic Free, Protected Storage PassView, PstPassword, Pzen Dump, QCC FragView, QCC Gigaview, QCC VideoTriage, Quick Hask (win e lin), RecentFilesView, Registry Decoder Live, RegRipper + RegRipperXP, RegRipper Plugin, RegScanner, Remote Desktop PassView, RHash, RootRepeal, RouterPassView, SafariCacheView, SafariHistoryView, Sanderson Forensic Copy, Sanderson Forensic Image Viewer, Sanderson List Codecs, Sanderson OLEDeconstruct, ScoopyNG, Screeny, SDHash, Search my files, SearchMyFiles, SecurityXploded PasswordSuite, SecurityXploded SpyDLLRemover, ServiWin, ShadowExplorer, ShellBagsView, simple-file-parser, SkypeLogView, sleuthkit win32, SmartSniff, SniffPass, SocketSniff, solaris 2.7, SPLViewer, SQLite Database Browser, SSDeep, SumatraPDF, System Scaner, TCHunt 1.5 (GUI), TCHunt 1.6 (CLI), TcpLogView, Teracopy Portable, testdisk/photorec Win/Lin/Mac x86/x64, The Sleuth Kit (win32), TightVNC, tr3secure, trid / trid Linux, TrIDnet, Tuluka, TurnedOnTimesView, Undelete 360, Universal Extractor, Universal Viewer Free, URLStringGrabber, USB History Dump, USBDeview, UserAssistView, UserProfilesView, VideoCacheView, Vidpreview, VLC Portable, VNCPassView, WebBrowserPassView, WebCookiesSniffer, WhatInStartup, WifiInfoView, Win9x PassView, WinAudit Unicode, Windows Forensic Toolchest, WinLister, WinPrefetchView, Wireless Network Watcher, WirelessKeyView, WirelessNetView, XnView, ZeroView


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