As you may have noticed, the DEFT website has changed its look and contents. Many updates are coming forth, so we decided to restyle the website to better explain what we are doing for you.

First of all, as of 2012 DEFT is no longer a project managed by a single person but turned into a non-profit Association. The reason for this decision is that we wish to take part in European calls for tenders and receive donations, all of which will be devoted to new projects and to support a group of developers with the task of keeping and maintaining the project alive. You will find the Statute of the Association in the “About -> DEFT Association” menu.

You may have also noticed that the website is no longer English only. This is a favour we made to our Italian friends and followers: we wish to ensure that they can all stay up to date with our progress – even those who do not fully understand English.

Here follows the forthcoming milestones concerning the new versions of DEFT 8, Virtual Appliance and User Manual.

  • DEFT Linux 8.1 with relevant news for Mobile Forensics – November 2013
  • DEFT 8 VMware Virtual Appliance – late November 2013
  • Roadmap of projects supported by donations – December 2013
  • DEFT 8 User Manual – February 2014
  • Third Italian National Conference DEFTCON 2014  – Polytechnic of Milano, April 11, 2014

You’ll find a huge button to the right, it’s for donations, you cannot miss it! For 8 years we did our best to let you enjoy one of the best Forensic Tools around, it’s hight time to get some support to give you even more!

Thanks and see you soon.

DEFTA President
Stefano Fratepietro

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