During the third national conference DEFTCON (231 registered attendees!!!) we presented DEFT 8.1.

What’s new:

  • File Manager: we Implemented the disk mount’s status. ( if the disk is mounted in RO/mode  the eject button will be green, if it’s RW/mode (a futher confermation will be required before going in this mode) the eject button will be orange,
  • Full support for Bitlocker encrypted disks (thanks libbde!),
  • The Sleuthkit 4.1.3,
  • Digital Forensics Framework 1.3,
  • Full support for Android and iOS 7.1 logical acquisitions ( libmobiledevice & adb ),
  • JD GUI,
  • Skype Extractor,
  • Maltego 3.4 Tungsten,
  • a new version of the OSINT browser,
  • Fixed a bug in the /etc/apt/sources.list,
  • full update of the deft packages and DART 2 software and tools,


You can download the DEFT 8.1 ISO here ( Md5: 76bad80c7ea1552c9bd97bcca5de8d50 )

You can download the DART 2 – 2014 stand alone here

We will soon release the DEFT 8.1’s VMware Virtual Appliance!

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  1. felicitaciones y espero segui utilizadno DEFT Y DART

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