Here it’s hot, in Italy as well as in other Countries, a lot of people are on vacation, but only now – I’m sorry for that – I found the time to fix the known issues of DEFT 8.1.

DEFT 8.2 is the latest release of DEFT 8. What has been fixed?

Fixed a bug that in some conditions prevented the system to be installed;
Fixed the bug of DNS on /etc/resolv.conf;
Fixed the bug of the apt-get sources.list;
Improved device recognition in live-mode;
Updated all packages to the latest Ubuntu release available for Quantal.

The next release, DEFT 10, celebrating the first decade of the DEFT project, will be presented during the fourth edition of DEFTCON.

DEFT 8.2.iso: md5 8a70f61507251355153cbe94809323dd

Enjoy your holidays! Enjoy DEFT!


3 Responses to “DEFT 8.2 ready for download”

  1. Manuel says:

    Fantastic distro. I have been using it for some days and I like it very much.

    Very good job!

  2. Wang Mingzhen says:

    I love DEFT

  3. Great Job.
    I’m using de deft 8, and i have enjoig so much.

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