On September 2012, the DEFT Linux project turned into a non-profit association, called “DEFT Association”, with the following mandate:

  1. Designing and developing the Gnu Linux distribution called DEFT (acronym for Digital Evidence & Forensics Toolkit) and some of the applications included in the system;
  2. Distributing the DEFT system free of charge and through any available technological means;
  3. Producing and distributing the documentation to guide responsible use of the system and all its applications;
  4. Creating a National and International reference point for the organisation and coordination of events, training & ICT  courses, conferences and meetings on the subject of Digital Forensics through the use of open source systems.

Anyone can join the DEFT Association and become a regular member, provided that he/she:

  1. Operates within the Digital Forensics field as an enthusiast, consultant or works with Law Enforcement Agencies;
  2. Shows interest in the subjects included in the social purpose of the Association;
  3. Is willing to dedicate an annual number of hours towards the betterment of  projects undertaken by the DEFT Association.

The membership can be obtained by issuing a formal application to the DEFT Council, pointing out any possible position held in other Organisations with a similar purpose. The application will be accepted on a discretionary basis subject to the verification of the requirements of the applicant and without prejudice to the decision.

Approval of registration will be followed by the addition of the new member to the DEFT association member list. The member will have to provide personal data which will be treated according to Art. 13-24 and following of the Italian D.Lgs no. 196/2003.

Here follows the unabridged version of the DEFT Association Statute, it’s in Italian because the Association was founded in Italy under the Italian law and regulations.
[slideshare id=27343392&doc=statuto-deft-association-131018141703-phpapp01&type=d]