Deft is a Ubuntu customization with a collection of computer forensic programs and documents created by thousands of individuals, teams and companies. Each of these works might come under a different licence. Our Licence Policy describe the process that we follow in determining which software we will ship and by default on the deft install CD.

The Ubuntu team is committed to Free and Open Source Software. The exact details of what that means can lead people into a very long debate indeed, often ending up with both sides in violent disagreement. The short answer is that it is our absolute conviction that the world is a better (more efficient, more supportable, safer, more interesting, more compassionate, fairer… there are lots of ways to define it) place if you have the source code to all the software on your computer, and the right to USE that source code in constructive ways.

We believe that this is important even if you are not a software developer, because someone else in your family who uses your computer might find that they have that interest and talent, and because you could hire someone to exercise those rights on your behalf. We really do believe that this is the central idea that will drive innovation and development in the software industry for the next 20 years (right up until the computers take over, and who knows, maybe they will feel the same way). And we hope to be one of many teams that sticks around sustainably, making a living working in that new world. We would invite you to read more about our Free Software Philosophy and help to shape this policy further.