The DEFT Team is made up of the following members:


Stefano Fratepietro
Stefano Fratepietro – DEFT project leader

Chief Information Security Officer at Tesla Consulting

Alessandro Rossetti
Alessandro Rossetti – OSINT project manager

Senior Agent at the Italian Financial Police Corps (Guardia di Finanza)

Massimiliano Dal Cero
Massimiliano Dal Cero – DART project manager

Chief Technology Officer at Tesla Consulting

Paolo Dal Checco
Paolo Dal Checco – Developer and tester

Partner of Digital Forensics Bureau (Di.Fo.B.)

Valerio Leomporra
Valerio Leomporra – Developer and tester

Security specialist at Sogei

Davide Gabrini
Davide Gabrini – Developer and tester

Sovrintendente at Polizia di Stato

Marco Giorgi – Developer and tester

Computer forensics technician at Digital Forensics Bureau (Di.Fo.B.)

Nicodemo Gawronski
Nicodemo Gawronski – Developer and tester

Penetration tester at Sec-1 Ltd