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DEFT 8.1 Virtual appliance ready for download

The Vmware virtual appliance of DEFT 8.1 is ready for download.

Download here

Please, remember that the default password of the user root is “deft”.

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DEFT 8.1 and DART 2 2014

During the third national conference DEFTCON (231 registered attendees!!!) we presented DEFT 8.1.

What’s new:

  • File Manager: we Implemented the disk mount’s status. ( if the disk is mounted in RO/mode  the eject button will be green, if it’s RW/mode (a futher confermation will be required before going in this mode) the eject button will be orange,
  • Full support for Bitlocker encrypted disks (thanks libbde!),
  • The Sleuthkit 4.1.3,
  • Digital Forensics Framework 1.3,
  • Full support for Android and iOS 7.1 logical acquisitions ( libmobiledevice & adb ),
  • JD GUI,
  • Skype Extractor,
  • Maltego 3.4 Tungsten,
  • a new version of the OSINT browser,
  • Fixed a bug in the /etc/apt/sources.list,
  • full update of the deft packages and DART 2 software and tools,


You can download the DEFT 8.1 ISO here ( Md5: 76bad80c7ea1552c9bd97bcca5de8d50 )

You can download the DART 2 – 2014 stand alone here

We will soon release the DEFT 8.1’s VMware Virtual Appliance!

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DEFTCON 2014 in Milan – April 11, 2014

While we are waiting for a few “last minutes” confirmations, we want to show a final draft of the program of the third DEFT National conference organised by the Non Profit Deft Association.

April 11, 2014 , 9:30am to 05:00pm
Building 3 Gino Cassinis
Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci 32, Milan


Moderator: Francesca Bosco (Tech and Law Center)

9:30 – Greetings from the Non Profit DEFT Association President, Stefano Fratepietro, and introduction to the Conference

9:45 am – Presentation of the DEFT 8.1 main new features

DEFT Dev Team

10:30 – Digital Forensics on SSD devices
Stephen Zanero (Assistant Professor – Polytechnic University of Milan)

11:00 – Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Forensics
Mattia Epifani (Tech and Law Center)

11:30 – Coffee Break

11:45 – Windows Forensics Shellbag
Luigi Ranzato

12:15 – The Dark Side of Digital Investigation
Giuseppe Vaciago (Tech and Law Center)

12:45 – Methodologies for Android devices acquisition
Marco Giorgi (DEFT team)

13:15 – Lunch Break

14:30 – State of the art of computer forensics in Italy: training, courses of studies and researches
Giovanni Ziccardi (Associate Professor – University of Milan)

15:00 – Anti-Malware in the Cloud with Deft
Andrea Ghirardini (IISFA)

15:30 – Electronic Evidence Guide – Italian translation of the guidelines of the Council of Europe
Pasquale Stirparo and Marco Carlo Spada (Tech and Law Center, DFA)

16:00 – New tools to support digital investigations
Marco Albanese and Federico Grattirio (researchers students of the Pavia University)

16:30 – Origins, current status and future prospects of the Bitcoin protocol and mathematical currencies
Giacomo Zucco

We are really grateful to the University “Politecnico di Milano” for the conference hall (it will accommodate up to 270 guests). Entry to the event is free but the participant is given the option to make a donation while booking through Eventbrite through the following link.

Subscribe now to DEFTCON 2014

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DEFT 2014 – News

Hello Everybody,

First of all, Happy New Year. It has been a very tough year, full of surprises, some positive, some others not. One of these, the premature death of my father, forced us to stop temporarily the development of DEFT 8.1 causing a delay in its release date. In this regard, the board of directors of DEFT Linux Association recently met to plan a new road-map in view of DEFTCON 2014.

DEFT 8.1 will be released no later than the first week of April 2014, thus to be able to present the latest news at DEFTCON; the same day DEFT Zero, a micro live CD for forensic acquisition only, will be released.

With this new year’s post we would like also to publicly thank all the donors of last year, 2013: Gianni Amato, Ricardo Evangelista Munhoz, Jean-Arnaud Causse, Kevin Rei, Charles Powell, Roberto Capone, Paolo Musina and Pier Luca Toselli. These donations contributed to meet a small budget for our first paid development project. Shortly we will post the Internship guidelines. Keep donating. Thanks to your help we will keep developing free open-source software.

PayPal Donate Button

 Some of you have probably noticed the forum closure. The low use and the frequent and annoying but never successful “take-down” attempts have lead us to substitute the forum with a FAQ page and a support email, available for you both in English and Italian.

Keep following us, we will be back shortly with more interesting news.

Stefano Fratepietro

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New website and project roadmap


As you may have noticed, the DEFT website has changed its look and contents. Many updates are coming forth, so we decided to restyle the website to better explain what we are doing for you.

First of all, as of 2012 DEFT is no longer a project managed by a single person but turned into a non-profit Association. The reason for this decision is that we wish to take part in European calls for tenders and receive donations, all of which will be devoted to new projects and to support a group of developers with the task of keeping and maintaining the project alive. You will find the Statute of the Association in the “About -> DEFT Association” menu.

You may have also noticed that the website is no longer English only. This is a favour we made to our Italian friends and followers: we wish to ensure that they can all stay up to date with our progress – even those who do not fully understand English.

Here follows the forthcoming milestones concerning the new versions of DEFT 8, Virtual Appliance and User Manual.

  • DEFT Linux 8.1 with relevant news for Mobile Forensics – November 2013
  • DEFT 8 VMware Virtual Appliance – late November 2013
  • Roadmap of projects supported by donations – December 2013
  • DEFT 8 User Manual – February 2014
  • Third Italian National Conference DEFTCON 2014  – Polytechnic of Milano, April 11, 2014

You’ll find a huge button to the right, it’s for donations, you cannot miss it! For 8 years we did our best to let you enjoy one of the best Forensic Tools around, it’s hight time to get some support to give you even more!

Thanks and see you soon.

DEFTA President
Stefano Fratepietro

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DEFT Linux 8 public beta & DART 2 stable ready for download

Hello guys!

First of all: sorry for the delay! Life is made up of priority and sometimes you have to set aside projects and hobbies for the real life!

By the way… here the new Digital Forensics system optimized for Intel based 64-bit architectures: DEFT Linux 8!

What’s new?

  • 64 bit 3.5.0-30 Gnu Linux Kernel – brought down the limit of 4GB, Now you can use DEFT Linux on systems that have up to 25t6 TB of ram
  • The Sleuthkit 4 (the stable version of DEFT 8 will include The Sleuthkit 4.1) and Autopsy 2 – Ready for Autopsy 3 on Linux (only for Law Enforcement)
  • Digital Forensics Framework 1.3
  • Libewf and AFFlib full support
  • Xmount and Mount Ewf
  • Guymager 0.7.1, Cyclone 0.2 and Esximager
  • Recoll 1.19.5, software for indexing
  • Bulk extractor 1.3.1 with Bulk extractor GUI 1.3
  • Dumpy 0.2, an intelligence parsing tool to extract sensible data from anonymous dump – many thanks to Gianni Amato (guelfoweb) for the exclusive right
  • Skype extractor
  •  Log2timeline 0.65
  • iPBA 2 and Lib iMobile device 1.1.5 (full iOS 6.* support)
  • Fastboot – re-flash Android partition tool
  • Google Chrome Open Source INTelligence browser and TOR
  • Maltego Radium (here there is a problem, we are waiting the Paterva support to fix it, sorry for that)
  • Xplico 1.0.1 and CapAnalysis
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