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DEFT Linux 8 & DART 2 stable ready for download

Ladies & Gentleman,

first of all thank you for your precious suggestions/feedback on DEFT 8 beta!

Here we are! :) We did our best to turn the DEFT 8 beta into a stable one.

You can download the final STABLE DEFT 8 ISO (which now includes DART 2) from the following link

Download DEFT 8 Stable with DART 2
[md5: fcedb54176de7a3018adfa7571a3a626]

As usual, we suggest to check whether the md5 value we provide matches with the ISO’s you just downloaded on your PC.

We did check deft8  ISO for the most common bugs but we are human and pretty busy with our jobs so… if we missed something just drop a line to bug AT deftlinux DOT net. We will read every suggestions/bugfixes for the next release.

Stay tuned, because much more is yet to come, such as:

  • the release of the DEFT 8 Virtual Appliance (the pre-configured virtual machine you will be able to launch on your workstation by means of VMware Workstation/VMPlayer or Virtualbox);
  • the DEFT 8 User Manual (for now the DEFT 7 user manual is still valid);
  • the new/updated website.

As many of you already know, the DEFT project recently turned into a No Profit Association and we need funds to keep up the (hopefully good) work.

If you find the DEFT system useful or even crucial for your work, please consider a small donation: you don’t have to, but that would be really appreciated!

PayPal Donate Button

A big thank to the DEFT Team and to all the supporters.

Enjoy! :-)

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DEFT Linux 8 public beta & DART 2 stable ready for download

Hello guys!

First of all: sorry for the delay! Life is made up of priority and sometimes you have to set aside projects and hobbies for the real life!

By the way… here the new Digital Forensics system optimized for Intel based 64-bit architectures: DEFT Linux 8!

What’s new?

  • 64 bit 3.5.0-30 Gnu Linux Kernel – brought down the limit of 4GB, Now you can use DEFT Linux on systems that have up to 25t6 TB of ram
  • The Sleuthkit 4 (the stable version of DEFT 8 will include The Sleuthkit 4.1) and Autopsy 2 – Ready for Autopsy 3 on Linux (only for Law Enforcement)
  • Digital Forensics Framework 1.3
  • Libewf and AFFlib full support
  • Xmount and Mount Ewf
  • Guymager 0.7.1, Cyclone 0.2 and Esximager
  • Recoll 1.19.5, software for indexing
  • Bulk extractor 1.3.1 with Bulk extractor GUI 1.3
  • Dumpy 0.2, an intelligence parsing tool to extract sensible data from anonymous dump – many thanks to Gianni Amato (guelfoweb) for the exclusive right
  • Skype extractor
  •  Log2timeline 0.65
  • iPBA 2 and Lib iMobile device 1.1.5 (full iOS 6.* support)
  • Fastboot – re-flash Android partition tool
  • Google Chrome Open Source INTelligence browser and TOR
  • Maltego Radium (here there is a problem, we are waiting the Paterva support to fix it, sorry for that)
  • Xplico 1.0.1 and CapAnalysis
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Another delay….!

Unfortunately they are forced to postpone the release of deft further 10 days. The core is ready, but the graphics not jet.

Really sorry for this!


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DART 2 beta ready for download

While we are working hard on the DEFT 8 Beta and the new layout of the DEFT site, We hope that the release of the standalone DART 2BETA can make you a little happier.
We think that DART 2 is one of the most advanced toolkit for Live Forensics and Incident Response analysis ( Actually we think that is the most advanced one but it doesn’t matter :-) ). With its huge number of freely distributable tools (as stated in their license), DART 2 is the ideal suite that allows the operator to run a lot of applications in almost total safety.
These are some of the DART2 new main features:

– Even more powerful internal engine,
– More than 200 stand alone tools
– Tool Search Engine by keyword or file name
– Better categories management system
– Auto Copy&paste of the XML configuration’s hash

Please let us know about any bug or malfunctions you may find by posting it on our forum or by e-mail:

Download DART 2 beta, NOW!

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many of you are asking why DEFT8 has not been released yet. It ‘s true, you’re right and we apologize for that. Several unforeseen problems about the development and implementation of new features are slowing down this release.
We changed the roadmap and we plan to release DEFT 8 beta no later than May 31. A stable version will follow no later than mid-June. DART 2 is ready!

Thank you again for your patience and cooperation.


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DEFT 8 Roadmap and features

Hello World,

A little later than usual, We want to introduce you to some features of DEFT 8:

– Linux kernel 3.5.5
– First 64-bit Digital Forensics distro with a huge performance
increased compared to 32-bit systems
– DART 2.0 with more than 1GB of Live Forensics, Incident Response and
malware analysis software
– Sleuth Kit 4.0.2
– Libewf 20130128
– AFFLIB 3.3.6
– Guymager 0.6.13
– Bulk Extractor 1.3.1
– Log2timeline 0.65
– Xplico 1.0.1
– DFF 1.3
– PTK Forensics 3.0
– Maltego Radium CE
– IPBA2 plus WhatsApp, Viber and Skype chat analysis plugins

DEFT 8 will be available as a live DVD (it can also be installed on a
workstation), as a “mini live” for cloning activities of mass storage
unitis and as a VMware virtual appliance.
Deft 8 will be presented on the second Deftcon Conference held in
Bologna (Italy) on 19 April 2013.

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DEFT 7.2 and DEFT english manual, ready for download!


Today we are happy to announce the last DEFT release: the 7.2. This is the last 32bit release but we will support bugfix until 2020.
Please note that the next release will be a 64bit system.

What’s new in this release?

Virtual appliance based on Vmware 5 with USB3 support
Kernel 3.0.0-26
Autopsy 3 beta 5 (using Wine – please note that you need minimum 1GB ram)
Log2tmeline 0.65
Guymager 0.6.12-1
Vmfs support
Some mirror fix

Finally we would like to thank Nicodemo, Giada and Neil for taking care of the En translation of the manual.

Download DEFT 7.2 iso
Download DEFT 7.2 Virtual Appliance
Download DEFT English manual

Thank you  for choosing DEFT and enjoy the project!

Stefano Fratepietro
President of DEFT Association and DEFT Project Leader

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