It has been a long time since we last published a post on this website. Many asked us if the project is still actively developed or not…  The answer is YES absolutely! yes, we are back!
Please accept my personal apologies for the long silence: due really important professional commitments I could devote less and less time to the project. The same thing had occurred to the other team members.
Allow me to give you a few tips about the upcoming events

Save this date: on April 7, 2017 in Bologna, we will hold the DEFTCON 2017, the DEFT project’s official conference devoted to discuss about Digital Forensics, Incident Response and Open Source Intelligence’s topics.
we will post more information on the exact location, program and speakers really soon.

The ramping evolution of the digital forensics’ issues (SSD disks, increasing use of full-disk encryption, more and more armoured smartphones and anti indirect forensics techniques) prompted us to increase the effort on the develop of a more advanced forensic analyst’s forensic workstation.

The of the DEFT team member’s experiences and expertise will be merged in DEFT X, an x86 architectures installable customised operative system that will allow you able to turn any computer into a forensic analysis workstation devoted to acquire and analyse any type of computer data.

The DEFT Zero “Released Candide” allowed us to field test the distro on an extensive range of users who found and notified us several minor bugs we already fix.
The stable release of DEFT Zero is expected by the end of September 2016.

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